Welcome to the WSO-UV Remote Proposal System User Manual. In here you will find a detailed explanation on how to use the RPS tool to submit your core program Letters of Intent for the WSO-UV telescope.

When entering the application you will be greeted with the following welcome page.

Fig 1. Main page

Summary of contents

1. Registration/Login

The first step on the submission process is to create a registered user to enter the RPS application. On the MAIN page, click the REGISTER button. The REGISTER NEW USER page will appear, divided in two sections: REGISTER NEW USER and PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR INFORMATION.


The first section asks you to introduce your USERNAME, PASSWORD, and PASSWORD CONFIRMATION. These data will be unique to you, and will be the information you will use to log in the application.

The second section refers to the personal information of the Principal Investigator (PI) under whose name the Letters of Intent (L(s)oI) will be submitted. You should introduce a FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, E-MAIL, INSTITUTION, ADDRESS, COUNTRY, PHONE NUMBER, and CELL NUMBER. The E-MAIL field has to have the following format, or an error will pop up:


This information will be used as contact information by the Science Control Center (SCC) to get in touch with the PI regarding any issue about the L(s)oI, and eventually to inform about the acceptance or rejection of the proposals. All these data CAN BE MODIFIED at a later time by the user.

The user has to accept a data management agreement with the WSO-UV SCC regarding the information introduced in the application, before being able to registered, in compliance with international data management and handling regulations. This consent required to use the application.

Fig 3. Data management agreement

Once the user has introduced all the information required, click on the REGISTER USER button to continue.

If you already have a registered user in the system, you can access the application in the LOG IN page.

Fig 4. LOG IN page

Introduce your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click the LOG IN button (or press ENTER in your keyboard) to log into the application. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact the WSO-UV team (wsouvhelpdesk@ucm.es).
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2. User page

After registering a new user or logging in to an existing account, you will get to the USER page. This page serves as the main site from which to create, manage and submit your L(s)oI, as well as modify your user information.

Fig 5. USER page

It is divided in three parts: the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR information on top, the CREATE NEW LOI section in the middle, and the LETTERS OF INTENT CREATED management section below.

The PI information is divided in PERSONAL INFORMATION and CONTACT INFORMATION , represented by disabled (not editable) text fields.

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2.1 Modify user information

The PI information submitted in the registration process can be modified by pressing the MODIFY USER INFO button on the top section of the USER page. The MODIFY USER page will appear, in which you can edit any information you want to update.


It has the same format as the PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR information section of the USER page, but now the fields are not disabled, and they can be edited. Pressing the UPDATE INFORMATION button will save into the database the information currently present in each of the fields.

Additionally, the user info can be deleted, by pressing the DELETE USER button. A confirmation window will pop up when the button is pressed, as a security measure. WARNING: Deleting a user will erase all the information linked to it, including all the L(s)oI, submitted or in process of submission, created by her/him. THIS STEP CAN NOT BE UNDONE. Use with caution.

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2.2 Create a new LoI

Pressing the NEW LOI button on the USER page will open the CREATE NEW LOI page.

Fig 7. NEW LOI page

The PI name appears on the upper most section. Below, the MAIN INFORMATION of the proposal can be introduced, divided in:

  • Title: the title of the proposal (max. 250 characters).
  • Abstract: a short scientific abstract and justification of the proposal (max. 2000 characters).
  • Instruments: a list of the available instruments. More than one instrument can be selected.
  • Category: scientific category of the proposal.

  • After filling the previous fields, press the SAVE button to open the option of including co-investigators (CoI) to the proposal.

    Fig 8. Co-investigator fields

    Each CoI should have a FIRST NAME , LAST NAME , and EMAIL . By pressing the ADD COI button, the CoI will be created in the database, linked to the proposal, and her/his data will appear in the CoI list. A CoI can be deleted from a proposal, and the database, by pressing the DELETE button to the right of her/his information.

    Additionally, the user can create a PDF file with all the data already introduce for the proposal, by pressing the GENERATE PDF button. This PDF can be downloaded or printed using the options available on the browser the user is accessing the application with.

    Fig 9. PDF generated example

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    2.3 Inspect/Modify/Delete a LoI

    Once a LoI has been created, it will appear on the USER page, under the LETTERS OF INTENT CREATED BY THE USER tab, showing its information (Title, Abstract, Category and Instruments), as well as the different actions that the user can do with it: INSPECT , MODIFY , and DELETE , and the Creation and Submission Dates.

    Fig 10. New LoI created by user

  • INSPECT: when pressing the INSPECT/SUBMIT button, the VIEW LOI page will appear, in which all its information will appear, displayed on disabled fields. The user can generate a PDF file of the proposal by pressing the GENERATE PDG button. No modifications can be applied to the proposal on this page. Pressing the SUBMIT PROPOSAL button will start the submission process (view Submit Letter of Intent below).

  • MODIFY: all the information introduced on the LoI can be modified by pressing the MODIFY button. The MODIFY LOI page will appear, in which the Title, Abstract, Instruments, and Category of the LoI can be edited. The user can save the modifications by pressing the SAVE MODIFICATIONS button.

    Co-Investigators can be added and deleted, as well.
  • modifyLoiPage1
    Fig 11. Modify LoI page

  • DELETE: the user can delete any LoI previously created, by pressing the DELETE button. All the data, as well as any CoI included in the LoI, will be erased from the database.

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    3. Submit a Letter of Intent

    For a LoI to be considered by the WSO-UV TAC it has to be submitted to the system. To do so, the user has to press the SUBMIT button on the VIEW/SUBMIT tab on her/his Principal Investigator Main Page.
    Fig 12. Submit button

    When submitting a LoI, a number of processes will take place:

  • Confirmation emails will be sent to the Principal Investigator, and all the Co-Investigators listed on the proposal. A Cover Page will be generated in PDF format and attached to every email. If a user does not receive this confirmation email, please contact the WSO-UV HelpDesk at wsouvhelpdesk@ucm.es.
  • A submission ID will be assigned to the LoI. This ID will be the reference number by which the user will indicate the LoI when addressing any issues about it to the WSO-UV SCC.
  • The current date will be assigned as the SUBMISSION DATE.
  • No further modifications will be allowed for that LoI.
  • submittedLoiPage1
    Fig 13. Submitted LoI disclaimer

    Fig 14. Submitted LoI. The LoI no longer can be modified or deleted

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